August 25, 2009

Admit You Are Weak

From Bible Dog Man:

I just ordered my copy of Bono and will get it in a few days. A couple hours later, I discovered this post on Bible Dog Man. For U2 fans who are spiritual and have faith in God, you might find it an interesting read and interpretation:

Admit You’re Weak!

August 25, 2009 Featured, Life Experience

I started reading ‘Bono’ the other day, and came across this really interesting part of the book. Early own Bono was very angry about having to rely on Edge, his guitarist and a very gifted one at that, to get the melody from his head onto paper. It was hard for Bono to admit he was weak in this area, and even harder to seek help. He goes on to say that our weaknesses can be great things. If we accept them we can use your weakness to grow closer to those around us. You see to overcome our weaknesses we must trust and empower people around us to be our strength where we are weak. This is true for our friends, coworkers, spouse, and God.

As a guy I struggle admitting my weaknesses. I either push them aside, not admitting them, or do my best to hide them. Growing up I always felt admitting my weaknesses was not part of being a man. The truth is quite the opposite. Admitting your weaknesses and inviting people into your life to provide reinforcement is the sign of not only a man, but a great leader.

Here are a few steps you can take this week to make your weaknesses a strength.

1. List your top 5 weaknesses, then ask those closes to you to give tell you what they see as your top 5 weaknesses. Use this time to discuss those areas with them.
2. List people in your life that provide strength to your weakness. If you don’t have anyone in an area who might be a possible candidate. Invite them into your life, and empower them to pour back into you.
3. Call out your weaknesses whenever they arise. This is a great exercise to help you identify when you try to hide your weaknesses. This will also acknowledge to those around you that you are not blind, because remember, they already know your weaknesses.
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