August 26, 2009

U2 Will Spend 2 Million Dollars in Dallas

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U2’s Next Brush with the NFL will be Spendy

U2 has performed at the Super Bowl … they’ve done a pro football-themed music video for “Stuck In A Moment You Can’t Get Out Of” … and now they’re apparently going to have another brush with the NFL at a cost of two million dollars. (Say that like Dr. Evil in the Austin Powers movies….)

See, the Dallas Cowboys just spent $1.2 billion (with a B) on a new stadium, and U2 will play there on October 12. One of the new gizmos in this football palace is the biggest HD video screen ever made. It’s 60 yards long (it runs from one 20-yard-line to the other) and takes up most of the interior of the stadium. Here’s a pic taken Friday night by Flickr user CamMan that shows how enormous this thing is:


It’s not only enormous, but it’s also intrusive. During the first pre-season game played in the stadium on Friday night, a punt hit the video screen (which is way too low). Have a look at the video to see how low the video screen hangs:

It doesn’t take a genius to look at that photo and then the video and realize that there ain’t no way U2’s claw is gonna fit in that stadium. NFL teams, understandably, want the video screen raised, but this TV news report says the Cowboys won’t raise it until right before the U2 concert.

Why? Because U2 has apparently promised to pay $2 million to have the job done so The Claw can fit inside.

Crazy, isn’t it?

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