March 14, 2010

Rethinking it all

U2 360º Tour, Nou Camp, Barcelona, Cataluña, E...Image by via Flickr

Thanks so much for continuing to follow my blog. There are so many amazing U2 blogs and websites around, that it means a lot to me when you choose to stop here for a moment.

When you do, you may notice some changes. I am in the process of re-thinking the blog and you may find yourself reading it in a different style each time you visit. Thank you for your patience as I work on adjusting it to where it needs to be.

AllU2 is my pride and I am so happy to be able to share this band with you, my fellow U2ters. I hope you keep coming back and as always, your comments, thoughts, and suggestions are welcome!

You can find AllU2 online at the following places:

and here, on blogspot. Other blogging platforms are being looked into.

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