March 13, 2010

Who broke U2's Grammy award?

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Found this post on The Mirror. As a huge U2 fan, I can only imagine what it was like for this lucky fan to get a call from Bono. Read below, and tell me what you'd do if Bono called you?

The trophy, for 1987 album The Joshua Tree, was smashed in three pieces with its iconic gramophone broken.
So band managers Googled 'trophy craftsmen' and found Stuart Allcock in Taunton, Somerset. Stuart, who went to his first U2 gig in 1987, felt "dizzy" on the phone. He said "I thought it might be a joke and said: 'Is this Bono?'."
But he was disappointed to find it was made of iron and had to be welded, glued and re-sprayed gold. He said: "I think someone dropped it. It was a bit nerve-wracking, but the result was pleasing."
Asked how much it was worth, he said: "If it wasn't a U2 Grammy, I wouldn't pay a fiver. But it's priceless."

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