April 20, 2010


Discovered this site during a search for CoeXisT wallpaper. Interesting:

Taken from Rahbek.com

the coexist ambassador

Limited edition Coexist Ambassador
A series of 30 piece only edition, which is numbered from 1 to 30 and signed by Rahbek.

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Coexist Sticker
- Limited edition

Package with 4 stickers. Ready for outdoor use.

Let's stick it! We offer a pre-made sticker package with 4 Coexist stickers.
Size: 90 x 70 mm (3,54 x 2,75 inch).

Price of $10 also includes shipping costs.

The price includes shipping costs.

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Name: CoeXisT / Size: 150 x 120 cm 
/ Sold to private collector.
Represented by Backyard Gallery, CopenhagenThe Coexist Ambassador

The Lego man is always smiling. Regardless of the absurd contrivance of a body onto which a childish soul has screwed his head, his mouth curves upward, surrounded by his yellow complexion’s naive glow. This makes me think that, perhaps, he could help fulfill a hope that is just as naive. That people of different religions could one day live together in peace. I have given the Lego man a mission: Coexist. The various symbols of Islam, Judaism, and Christianity, so strong and simple – A union of moon, star, and cross. Coexist. The word in this figurative configuration was created in 2001 by the Polish graphic designer, Piotr Mlodozeniec, for “The Museum on the Seam for Dialogue, Understanding and Coexistence” in Jerusalem. For me, it is an enduring emblem of a difficult task. I have chosen toys – the Lego man – as a carrier and conveyor of Coexist because I believe that the challenge will be met by our children or our children’s children. I fear that, for my own generation, the hour is already too late. I have faith in the Lego man’s eternal optimism, an optimism that all the resistance he will meet along his road cannot shake. At the same time, my rational side shouts out for sense and reason. The stud that has been bored into his head is expressive of my gnawing fear that the project is hopeless. I know not the reason why all this war is fought.

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