July 7, 2009

Acrobat Rehearsed?

A while back, a source who told me that "Seconds" was being rehearsed for the tour, also told me that, Acrobat might also make an appearance. I didn't post about Acrobat because he was guessing based on what he knew, and was not anywhere near as sure about it as he was "Seconds". I am not in the game of spreading unfounded rumors, cuz, basically anyone could just say anything and claim it came from a source, ya know?

When he and I chat, I take it a bit more serious than others, because he's careful to make sure I know how real the info potentially is or isn't.. (My source is connected to the radio station I work for and record label, and he's not been able to give me much like he used to...lol, which kinda sucks)

Now, I find this video on Youtube, and even though it validates my source's info, I still question the validity of it. Do you think this is real? Hard to tell. Anyone with good editing equipment and the proper plug-ins can create a fake rehearsal and hide it behind a blue screen on youtube. I use ProTools at the station as my editing system, and it's very possible to fake something like this.

Check it out and tell me what you think!

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